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Instead of running low on stock or even running out, why not organise your stock levels in advance so that you are covered for all your tyre needs. You can save money in the process.

We are excited to announce we can provide you with great prices by buying containers of tyres.

By purchasing a container of tyres, you are able to save up to 20% on the overall cost of your tyres.

Why buy a container of tyres?

By purchasing in bulk you are able to bring down the per tyre cost and save yourself some money. You can save up to 20% on the standard retail price you would be paying for your tyres.

The order comes delivered in a container (or you can pick up from the port yourself to save even more).

Your containers can be filled with a mixture of steers, drives or trailers.

Another great benefit about purchasing by the container is that you know right from the start how much you are going to be paying. The cost provided to you is inclusive of all costs.

What do the costs include?

  • Insurance
  • Shipping Cost
  • Port and Customs Fees

On placement of the order, there is a requirement of a 30% deposit, once the container is ready to be shipped from China the remaining 70% needs to be paid in full before it can be shipped.

How many tyres will you get when buying containers?

There are two different sized containers to choose from. Both a 20ft container and a 40ft container.

The 20ft container will hold approx. 115 of the 11R22.5 tyres and the 40ft container will hold approx 278 11R22.5 tyres.

With this many tyres you will not have to worry about running out too quickly.

So why not get in contact today and see what we can do for you!

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